The question

What is Design?

There will come a time where you a design will be ask this profound question through out some point of your career “what do you do” or “So what is design”?


There can be many different reaction to this question that imposes such things as religion, culture, point of view, era, science and environment. But whats does all these have to do with design? “well every think”; so i started to look at me and took this journey into my consciousness and unconsciousness but all i form were more question rather than answer. At this point i started to look around me in the present, the past, and at my teachings. But it wasn’t until one morning that i was standing their naked that i saw me and yes i was design and had been designed by some previous designers.; so is then design a perception of every thing LABEL HUMAN? I only makes sense as our perception of the world brings forth more creations.

So in my view it leave me with my design been a religion in corporate design with in a culture of visual artists which live in the environment of technology of the 21″s century.


Ok RIM, I’ve seen you getting bash by the press but what I also see are key developments